What do you like to do in your free time?

Oh my gosh i though i was the only one that had Rizzoli and Isles ringtone!!!

Me : Watch Rizzoli and Isles

Adult : anything else?

Me : Read Rizzoli and Isles fan fiction

Adult : Hm..okay..and?

Me : fangirl with my internet friends

Adult : Oh..that's..hm, I noticed the picture on your phone. Who are they?

Me : *smiles big* It's the Rizzoli family

Adult : ohhhkay...

*my phone rings*

Adult : what an interesting ringtone! Who is it by?

Me : Uh, er, it's the Rizzoli and Isles theme song!

Adult : *stares at me and leaves*


I’m gonna marry you one day, Abby Wambach. This I swear.